Water Damage VS Flood Damage

Maybe a recent rainstorm left a few inches of water in your basement, or perhaps a pipe burst in your home. Either way your home has incurred some serious damage, and you’re waiting anxiously for updates on your water damage insurance claim. You finally hear from them after days in a hotel, and they inform […]

What You Need To Know About Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance

As the seasons change and temperatures get warmer, people aren’t just expecting to see nice weather. The spring, summer, and early fall months are peak storm season for many people in the country, and for some strong thunderstorms are only the beginning of their weather worries. Many homeowners assume that their home and items are […]

The Cold Weather Has Started

The cold weather has already started to create damaged property problems. Some problems are minor and some are major. While you may not require the services of a professional Public Adjuster at this time, remember our offer to share vital information which we have accumulated over 48 years. You should have this data which can […]