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When your property is damaged, you need insurance claim help. The insurance companies will try to pay you as little as possible. They may devalue your loss to give your a lesser settlement. You need to protect yourself by having someone on your side that knows insurance contracts and your legal rights. We have been helping people in the South Jersey areas including Cherry Hill NJ, Berlin New Jersey, as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland for over 45 years. Do you know your legal rights? We do, and we can help.

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If  you need insurance claim help, call us right away. If your home or business is located in Cherry Hill NJ, Berlin NJ, Voorhees NJ or Runnemeade NJ, we can help. If you are experiencing basement water damage from a busted pipe or flood damage, you need a flood insurance adjuster. Call us immediately if you need us to refer you to a reliable plumber who can prevent any further water damage in home. Before you call for water removal services or flood cleanup, take pictures of your water damaged house. Do not throw anything out before documenting and photographing the item. Your insurance company will not pay you for anything you cannot prove that you lost. Damage from water can also lead to dangerous toxic mold, so it is important that it is properly taken care of. We are experienced flood adjusters and we will get you the best possible settlement from your insurance company.

We are also here to help if you are in need of fire damage repair services. We can recommend reliable contractors. Please do not call for fire damage restoration services until you have completely documented all the damage. When you call us, we can come to your location and help you with that process.

Everyone who is reading this will have some property damaged. When that time comes, if you are not correctly insured and fully aware of the correct claims procedure to follow, the odds are that the cash settlement you will receive will create problems in restoring your property to its  pre-loss condition. For assistance anytime call (888) 315-8866 (Nationwide) or (856) 905-7998 (24/7)

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