The Cold Weather Has Started

The cold weather has already started to create damaged property problems. Some problems are minor and some are major. While you may not require the services of a professional Public Adjuster at this time, remember our offer to share vital information which we have accumulated over 48 years. You should have this data which can guarantee the results you require when needed.

You do not always require the services of a Public Adjuster, but when you do, be sure and speak with a credible, experienced, P.A. with vast knowledge of the mechanical, legal and negotiation process with a success record that shines.

When you have a problem we can solve it for you. We UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE to deliver the maximum funds required to rehabilitate your damaged property as per your insurance coverage, and if not WE WILL WAIVE OUR FEE.

We appreciate your referral to others who are having or have experienced damage by FIRE, SMOKE, WATER, WIND, COLLAPSE or other means.
Every property owner reading this WILL HAVE a damaged property claim. When this happens, do NOT delay call immediately for assistance and the correct procedure to follow!

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