Public Adjuster Voorhees NJ

The Adjuster (also known as Insurance Adjustment Agency, Inc.) is a Public Adjuster Voorhees NJ residents have trusted for 45 years. Owner Dan Goldstein loves what he does because he enjoys helping people get past a difficult situation. If you experience a house flood or other home water damage, the Adjuster can help you get the settlement you deserve.

In Voorhees NJ, residents have often invested a lot of money into their homes. Dan Goldstein helps you protect that investment. You deserve enough money to repair any damage and replace all of the destroyed items. He knows insurance law inside out and will analyze your policy to make sure that you are in no way short changed. Unfortunately, the reality that homeowners must face is that insurance companies are for profit businesses who are going to put their profit first. They will try to convince you to cut corners and suggest that you should make repairs with lesser quality materials.

photo of interior of room with water damage on walls

If you have experienced water damage, it is very important that you call the Adjuster first, even before you call your own insurance company. We can help you document your losses. You need to take pictures of every damaged item. You will not be reimbursed for anything that is not well documented. In most cases your insurance policy will cover the cost of your property being restored to its original state.

For Voorhees homeowners who experience fire and smoke damage, there may be damage that you are unaware of. The Adjuster will have your property damage professionally appraised. It is imperative that any weakness to the structure is identified so that it can be properly repaired. With a professional analysis of your property, your insurance company will be required to pay for hidden damage.