Public Home Insurance Adjuster, Cherry Hill NJ

Insurance Adjustment Agency, Inc. has served and continues to serve a vast number of Cherry Hill residents. With over 45 years’ experience we are able to educate you and serve your needs regarding any and all types of property damage whether it be for personal or commercial property. The information we will gladly supply you with can help and guarantee to make your decision process easier. We understand insurance companies do not want you to call us. The home insurance claims process can be tricky if you are not accustomed to the language in your policy. You might think you can make your home damage insurance claim and receive the money that you deserve to make the needed repairs to your property. Unfortunately, the home claims process is difficult to understand and you might not realize that you are being cheated. Homeowners insurance companies put their own company profits first.

How can Public Home Insurance Adjusters help you? We help Cherry Hill homeowners who have experienced property damage of some sort. We help you fill out the forms, thoroughly document any property damage and process your insurance claims. We walk you through all the steps, teach you the basics about insurance claims. We work as your insurance advocate or an insurance expert on your side. Your homeowners insurance company has insurance experts working for them, so to you need the same on your side when you are making homeowners insurance claims.

photo of house on fire

The insurance company’s interpretation of your property insurance coverage will be slanted in their favor. They might suggest cheaper building materials to replace that which was damaged, or that you can make water damage repairs yourself. Your home insurance company is looking for ways to save money.

Competent and trustworthy are two adjectives you should look for in public home insurance adjusters. Cherry Hill NJ residents have been entrusting their insurance claims to us for a very long time. We have built our business on referrals from satisfied clients. You can read testimonials from our clients here.

If you have a flood in your house, we will analyze your your water damage insurance coverage and make sure you get the settlement you deserve. With severe weather conditions, Cherry Hill residents sometimes need the help of experienced Flood Insurance Adjusters. We can help you successfully resolve your water damage claim. You have been paying homeowners insurance premiums for years. With our assistance, you can be assured that you will receive the maximum settlement that you deserve. With the money you receive you will be able to replace anything that has been damaged with a new version. We can also advise you on the unseen hazards of water damage including mold and structural damage. It is not enough for everything to look nice after flooding. We will make sure that your property is fixed so that it is safe for you and your family.

If you have fire insurance for home or business property, and you have had a fire, call us immediately, at any time of day or night. Call us before you call your insurance company and before you clean anything up. With home owner insurance, it is important to know that anything that is not documented you will not be able to claim and you will not be reimbursed for.

If you have experienced property damage, please call us today and let us know how we can help you. Our consultation is always free and there is absolutely no obligation.