Water Damage VS Flood Damage

Maybe a recent rainstorm left a few inches of water in your basement, or perhaps a pipe burst in your home. Either way your home has incurred some serious damage, and you’re waiting anxiously for updates on your water damage insurance claim. You finally hear from them after days in a hotel, and they inform […]

Three Tips for First Time Inventory Damage Claims

Your home has been damaged and now you’re literally picking up the pieces after a disaster. Don’t panic. The easiest way to make the process as efficient as possible is to make a simple inventory and damages list for your claims adjuster. If you’ve never had to deal with inventory damage, your insurance claim can […]

photograph of damaged apartment building

The Special Insurance Needs Of Multi-Family Complex Owners

Owning and renting out different properties can be a great financial investment. After spending some years as the successful owner of a few rental properties, you may be considering branching out into renting out something bigger. An apartment building or condo can be a property owner’s dream. You can have a building full of happy […]

photo of houses on shore being cover by water

Proper Debris Management – Key to Disaster and FEMA Assistance

Natural disasters are a part of life, and unfortunately they’re becoming increasingly common. Wildfires, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, and other disasters can happen throughout the year, and people need to be prepared. You may have gone over your evacuation plan with your family dozens of times, and may even have several backup plans in place in […]

black and white illustration of pots on fire on stovetop

What You Need To Know About Cooking Safety

If you’re a South Jersey resident that loves to cook, you probably know a few things about safety in the kitchen. You know that the internal temperature of chicken needs to be at least 165 degrees before you can serve it. You have separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables, and you wouldn’t dream of […]

photo of construction equipment and a damaged house frame

Why You’ll Want Construction Insurance During Your Next Project

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing renovations in small residential homes or building large skyscrapers, construction takes a lot of time and preparation. When you spend most of your time securing building materials, finding qualified workers, and talking with your clients insurance is most likely the last thing on your mind. You may personally have […]

photograph of house with fire damaged roof

After The Fire: What To Do After A Fire Damages Your Home

Experiencing a fire at home can be one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. After evacuating the house and finding a place to stay for the night, you feel like you’re at a loss as to what to do. There are so many things you’re concerned about at once, and you […]