Testimonials About Our Adjusting Services

Our Clients Speak About Our Adjusting Services

“You made us feel at ease”

“Bob, Thank you very much for taking our claim, making our life easier and handling our claim in a professional and friendly manner. We are extremely grateful for all you did for us and were very happy with the results! You made us feel at ease with you and will recommend you to family and friends.” — Anthony and Diane and family 

“A heart of gold”

“Hi Bob, this is Allyson Schwartz. I just received a very generous check from you and want to say how thankful I am. That was not necessary at all! The biggest gift for me was knowing how much you helped my client at a time of real struggle in her life. It is people like you who restore my faith in humanity after coming off of a couple years in this world where I started to question my faith in humanity. I am very aware that you don’t take many “small” jobs anymore so I know you are so kind with a heart of gold and I have to say you are a true mensch!”

“Dear Bob”

“A 7-8 ton tree fell from our neighbor’s yard, through our roof and into our bed! Thankfully at 6:15 PM, and not while we were in the bed. Bob assisted us with all aspects of our insurance claim. He is knowledgeable, courteous, compassionate and very thorough. We were obviously quite stressed and his expertise was invaluable. When we were burglarized two days after the tree fell, he initiated a second series of claims which were successfully concluded. We would not hesitate to recommend Bob to our family and friends. Bob rates a 10!” – Dr. Jeffrey Sorokin

“To Anybody Who Needs Help”

I entered my home last winter to find that there was some type of pipe freeze causing water to completely destroy my home. Like most people, I dialed the 800 number for my insurance company’s claim department. When I described what happened, I was told they thought it wasn’t covered. Obviously I was quite upset. My insurance company sent in an outside vendor to do emergency service which means remove damaged items and install equipment to try and dry the house. I called Insurance Adjustment Agency (further known as IAA) when this occurred, IAA did a moisture test on all the walls and found that every wall was saturated with water. The emergency service provider sent in the by the insurance company was drying walls that actually should have been removed. IAA took over the claim, met with the insurance company adjuster who agreed to tear-out the drywall, moldings, insulation, flooring, kitchen and removed the appliances which should have been done. The claim was re-assigned to three different insurance adjusters. When I went to apply for rental coverage because I had to rent a home, the adjuster from my company told me that I had no coverage for that even though I knew I did. I had purchased a special endorsement that gave me that coverage. After IAA had several conversations with the insurance company adjuster, they wrote me a check covering all rental expenses. My insurance company initially made an offer to pay 50% of the damages. Through Bob’s efforts the claim was settled for full value. Bob successfully completed the claim to my satisfaction although it started out an incredibly stressful experience. It certainly makes you realize that without having an experienced advocate that knows the insurance business, you can easily be put in a very bad position, I was very satisfied with the results of the efforts by IAA managing my claim. I would highly recommend them.” – Jeff A. Schnepper

“Dear Dan and Bob”

“Thank you so very much for your assistance with our recent insurance claim. Bob explained everything regarding our insurance policy and recent paperwork. We do so appreciate your kindness and will remember you folks always if we ever have a need regarding damages, etc. Thank you folks once again.” – Sandra Hickman

“When fire destroyed my house…”

” …I had the presence of mind to call Dan Goldstein “The Adjuster” at Insurance Adjustment Agency. I didn’t know what I should do or where to begin. Dan took complete control and helped me get my life back together with an excellent settlement and advice as to how to rebuild to pre loss condition. He even worked with the insurance company so I could concentrate on getting my house and life back in order. I have referred him to various friends and family. If and when you need advice and peace of mind call him.”-Joe Maccherone Jr., Copiers Plus

“Thank You For Helping Us.”

“Dear Mr. Goldstein, Thank you so much for helping us get the insurance for the leak in our mobile home. I was worried my children would have to pay for our hardship. And then you came along and my heart was at peace! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will remember your kindness always and you will be added to my prayers of thanksgiving. So thank you again. May God continue to bless you.” -Dottie and Pat B.

“Thank You For Negotiating An Outstanding Settlement.”

“Dear Bob, On behalf of my entire family, I want to thank you and your staff for your efforts in negotiating an outstanding settlement to our claim. You relieved the stress and aggravation of dealing with the insurance company and we were able to concentrate on the important task of aiding in the recovery of my mother. Again, thank you and wishing you and your staff good health and continued success in the coming New Year. Thank you, Paulette Gilbert”

“Their Knowledge, Expertise, Professionalism And Kindness Were Beyond Reproach”

“When something devastating happens to your home, it can be overwhelming. Whether it is fire, water, wind or flood, it is difficult to know which way to turn and who to trust with your most valuable possessions and memories. I was fortunate to have found Dan Goldstein and his team. Their knowledge, expertise, professionalism and kindness were above and beyond reproach. Only after my loss did I realize the homeowner’s insurance company I had been with for for 30 years (without one claim) would work against me rather than for me in compensating me for the damage left behind. The person sent by my homeowner’s insurance was only there to devalue my home and insult me personally. I highly recommend calling Dan before calling your homeowners. They will do their best to effectuate a fair and reasonable compensation for your loss and deal with your insurance carrier in a professional way. I would and have recommended Dan Goldstein and his company, and would not hesitate to use them again. -Gerry Prodell

“Dan is Someone You Want In Your Corner.”

“I’ve know Dan for over a year now and he is well known in the South Jersey area. He has helped me by educating me with my insurance needs. Although, thankfully, I haven’t needed his services, he has given me peace of mind and has saved me money just his simple suggestions. Dan is definitely someone you want in your corner and I would highly recommend him!” -Joe Green

“Of Course We Would Recommend You To Others in Need.”

“Dear Bob & Company, Thank you for the service provided to us during the claim process. I know you obtained [the] best possible settlement for us. Debbi and I had no hesitations – we knew we would put it in your hands, and that way attain the maximum outcome. Thank you again, and of course we would recommend you to others in need. Our best regards, Joel & Debbi Silverman”

“I Would Certainly Recommend You Very Highly to Anyone.”

“Dear Bob, You gave my daughter, Marijke some very good advice on insurance that she really appreciated. Both Marijke and I would certainly recommend you very highly to anyone. Again thank you very much. With kind regards, Francine Casius”

“Dan Has Decades of Hands on Experience, plus Integrity and Knowledge.”

“Dan’s decades of hands on experience coupled with his desire to freely share it makes him my go to person for all of my insurance needs. Be it reviewing my existing policies or helping me with a claim, his integrity and knowledge gives me the security I am looking for regarding these important situations.” -Jodi Stern

“Dan Cares About His Clients and Loves What He Does.”

“Honest, genuine, informative, sincere, and more. I have known Dan for many years through networking when I was with the Chamber and worked side-by-side with him in Rotary. Dan is truly one of my favorite people. He cares about his clients and loves what he does. He believes wholeheartedly in helping people in times of crisis and guiding them through the process of navigating the insurance system. If you are ever in an unfortunate position to need Dan’s services, I urge you to call and rely on him. You will breathe a sigh of relief when all is said and done.” -Pam Henshall

“Insurance company didn’t give us enough money for our claim.”

“I contacted Mr. Goldstein because I had a pipe burst in my wall. The insurance company did not give us enough money to cover the damage. Mr. Goldstein was kind enough to take my case on and was able to get triple the amount of money so I can cover the damages to my wall.” – Theresa Higgins, Living Healthier By Design

“I woke up in the middle of the night to find my house on fire.”

“The fear and uncertainty were unimaginable. Thank God my family were all OK as were my pets. The house was totally destroyed as were all my possessions. Insurance Adjustment Agency coordinated getting my family a rental property and once we moved in to that rental home the reality of what had happened hit us very hard. I really did think my insurance company would pay for the loss of all my personal possessions and of course pay to rebuild my home with a minimum of aggravation. When I realized that their initial offer to rebuild the home was less than half of what Insurance Adjustment Agency eventually got me, which was beyond my imagination. It took over a half a year and a major effort on the part of the Insurance Adjustment Agency to get me the settlement I needed. Anyone who thinks they can negotiate their own loss is making a big mistake. I highly recommend Bob Goldstein and Insurance Adjustment Agency. Even if you don’t have a loss you should call them so they can review your policy because, as I found out, there are other coverage’s that I could have had added to my policy if I had been advised properly.” -Nat Leonard, Society Hill Loan, Philadelphia’s Oldest Pawn Shop

“Can’t thank you enough for all of your caring and hard work handling our claim.”

“We are so very grateful, especially knowing how busy this winter was. Thank you so much for looking out for us and doing a great job. We appreciate it more than you know.” -Donna, Dillon & Nolan

“I Knew, Without a Doubt, Who to Call & When The House of My Elderly Neighbors Caught Fire.”

“‘Thanks Dan & your son for handling my neighbors insurance claim after their home caught fire!! It’s scary that it was electrical, starting from the fan in the bathroom. I will be bringing them over to their house tomorrow, their first time since the fire, to go through items. Having you & Bob handle EVERYTHING, had made this so smooth for my elderly neighbors!! It was a horrific day for them, but I was able to give them peace of mind that I knew, without a doubt, who to call & that you would take great care of them !! Too bad for all the fire truck chasing Public Adjusters that were hanging around like hawks until I told them to take a hike, that I have a PA for them already – they wanted to know who, I told them it wasn’t an ambulance chaser lol.” -Kim Grollman

“Fast Action, Perfect Decision Making, and a Calm Clear Head When You Need it Most.”

“I have seen Dan in action along with his son Bob. When you have a disaster strike, they are the ones to call. Fast action, perfect decision making, and a calm clear head when you need it most.” -Randy Carbone

“I Highly Recommend Dan.”

“I’ve known Dan for several years, both as a member of the Builders League and now as a client of his. Recently, I sustained some rain/water damage to my home. I contacted Dan and he responded very promptly, he even met me early on a Sunday morning to survey the damage. I highly recommend Dan.” -Marlene Spencer

“Dan Has Integrity and Experience.”

“Dan is the guy you want to know if you need to submit an insurance claim small or large. He cares about the people he works for and has the integrity and experience to back it up! I hope I never again need to call upon his services but I’m glad he is in my corner if the need arises.” -Mario Pinardo

“I have known Dan for several years and he is a very honest and hard working individual.”

“He has been in the insurance adjusting business for many years and has experienced all types of property claims. He is the Professional of Professionals. I have the highest regard for his knowledge of insurance in event of a claim or avoiding a claim.” -John Masson, CIC, AAI

“Dan Is a Caring Professional.”

“Dan is knowledgeable and most interested in his clients receiving maximum help. He is a caring professional.” -Johnnye Ervin

“I Am Quite Impressed By The Way Dan is Able to Help His Clients Who Have Suffered Disasters.”

“I’ve known Dan for over 5 years. He has always been generous in sharing his expertise about insurance, both as an educator and as a professional. I’ve been quite impressed by the way he’s been able to help his clients who have suffered disasters. Luckily I’ve not had to avail myself of those services, and I hope I never do – but I made sure his phone number was on my desk during Hurricane Sandy should I have needed it!” -Carol Harkins

“Dan Always Puts His Clients First.”

Dan has always put his clients first and does what is best for them and it is always done in a timely manner.” -George Warner

“You Definitely Want Someone Like Dan to Guide You Through The Claims Process.”

“Dan was very educational in explaining the process and reasons why one would use a public adjuster. He also can help someone determine if their current insurance policy covers what they need. Dan is a great resource for a second opinion on coverage and replacement issues. You will definitely want to have someone like Dan to guide you through the claims process and re-construction costs should you have a disaster in your home or business.” -Dave Cantera

“Dan And His Company Provide Quality Work.”

“Dan and his company provide quality work and customer relations on a continuous basis.” -Todd Berk

“Thank God, I Know The Best Public Adjuster Daniel Goldstein.”

“What a horrific Monday!! My elderly neighbors that are like parents to me, their house caught on fire at 10 AM – I am crazy busy at work & the neighbors were calling me – Thank God, I know the best public adjuster Daniel Goldstein – in the 5 minutes I was able to stop at home, I chased away all the fire truck chasers & got to my meeting in Burlington.” -Kim Hibbs Grollman

“Your Company Puts The Customers Best Interest First.”

“Your company puts the customers best interest first and always made me feel comfortable that your hard work benefited me to the utmost. I will continue to call Dan and Bob any time the occasion arises in the future.” -Charles Lobel

“Dan Has Continually Exceeded Expectations.”

“It has been my office’s pleasure of working with Dan and his company over the years. They continue to be the ONLY Public Adjuster that we have and will recommend to our insurance clientele. In fact, we even recommend him to others in the community that may not yet even be clients of our local insurance agency, as he has continually exceeded our expectations for services rendered. A big “Thanks” to Dan and his team!” -Ernest V. Del Duke, Jr., AAI

“Thank you so much for your assistance with our most recent insurance claim.”

“Bob explained everything regarding our insurance policy and recent paperwork. We do so appreciate your kindness and will remember you folks always, if we ever have a need, regarding damages. etc.” -N.S.

“Why did you choose Insurance Adjustment Agency (IAA), a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster to represent you when your property was damaged recently?”

“When our neighbors business exploded we couldn’t even begin to process our alternatives. Other homes were evacuated and it was total destruction. We were deluged with adjusters trying to sign us. A high ranking local official suggested we do nothing until we speak to IAA. Their references were really excellent, and we felt that their knowledge and many years of experience were an important feature. To date we are very satisfied, and they have taken the burden of this disaster from our shoulders.”

“That little bit of kindness…”

“Dear Bob, Dan, and IAA: Every year at this time we receive greetings from you. I want to let you know that is a gesture Debbi and I like – a lot. It gives me a warm feeling, like being near that fireplace on the front. That is also an analogy for our safe and secure home, which I believe IAA is indirectly tied to. The nature of your business means that we see you only during and under difficult circumstances. That is why I want to acknowledge that little bit of kindness you impart, and how we appreciate how you always reach out to keep that connection with a customer. I think it really says a lot more than “happy new year.” Ironically, on that note, I’ll wish you all a healthy, safe and prosperous new year.” — Debbi and Joel Silverman

“Awesome job”

“Awesome job! Our appreciation. My inlaw’s half-size house had a frig pipe broken claim years ago, got only 15K payment from an insurer after 20% depreciation. Not to say my last claim was three level floor involved and I got similar 46K check from Chubb who I paid more than 3K annual premium. Thanks again!” — E.Q.

“Can’t wait to continue business”

“Can’t wait to continue business and a bonus not listed above – friendship! Thank you for everything!” Fondly, Lori Morello