Water Damage Insurance Claims

Making a Claim

photo of a burst pipe

Water Damage Insurance claims do not always pay out what you deserve. As a South Jersey and an Atlantic City NJ Public Adjuster, we work only for you to make sure you get the best possible settlement. We know your rights and we know that an insurance company do not always payout a fair amount. We have extensive experience reviewing insurance contracts which is why insurance companies hope that you do not call us.

Pipes Bursting

It is an emergency when pipes burst and water is flowing all over your property. Whether it is clean water from a washer, sink, tub or appliance or a backed up sewer, you need a plumber immediately. Human waste contains bacteria which can cause disease. Other potential hazards from water damage include electrocution and toxic black mold. Keep your family safe, and call the toll-free emergency number for information on how to proceed to protect yourself and your family or business. We will document the damage and have a reliable emergency crew sent to clean up for you. Our insurance adjusters are experts at dealing with all sorts of water damage, including floods caused by extreme weather conditions.

Case Study

photo of person holding moisture testing equipment

“Thank you for handling our claim. It’s so difficult to believe that my insurance Company denied part of the claim. The expert proof that you were able to supply with moisture testing equipment resulted in verifying the cause of the problem and the damage created. I could never have handled this problem by myself. I feel fortunate that my neighbor recommended you. I also appreciate your valuable interpretation of my policy which I could never understand. When returning home from vacation we were horrified to walk into the house to find everything wet and moist.

photo of footprints on wet carpet

We heard running water and my husband closed the main water valve. We called a plumber who came immediately and found the flapper in the toilet on the 3rd floor had stuck, and water had been running for a week and the basement had water 3 feet deep.I thought I would have a nervous breakdown, I called my friend who is my insurance agent to report it, and asked if I should get a public adjuster. She was adamant in replying absolutely not. She said they are worthless. The insurance company sent in a service company to remove the water. Nothing and I mean nothing should ever be thrown out until an inventory is made. Anything thrown out will not get paid. (NO PROOF)!! Their service company threw out many of my things which I now could not claim! My claim was just settled for $130,000. My insurance company started with an offer Of $45,000. Obviously they paid what my policy covered (unknown to me, and thanks to you). I could NEVER have gone through this myself.”-S.J.

Making a claim should read as follows:

  1. When water is discovered, call a registered plumber to stop the damage.
  2. Call the free emergency helpline (888) 315-8866
  3. Ask what the proper procedure is to be sure that you are proceeding correctly